The Insrgence

A Borderless Impact Collective

There is a monumental shift taking place on the planet.

We are in an age of rapid technological transformation and deepened understanding of consciousness and the interconnectedness of all life. With increased transparency across all aspects of business and government decision-making, more and more of us are waking up to the fact that business and government as we know it, can not go on as usual.

Never before have we had more power

And access to game changing opportunities than right at this very moment in history. The time has come for us to stop looking outside of ourselves for solutions to the world’s most challenging problems. The time has come for us to look within to become the change we seek.

Are you ready for the insrgence?

Old paradigms are falling away and those who can perceive the patterns, envision the future and have the courage to act are the ones who will be able to maximize their influence and create real value and impact in the world.
  • We do not just exist in the world, we change it
  • We do not just know our truth, we express it
  • We do not just start a venture, we embody it
  • We do not just seek to listen, we seek to understand it
  • We do not just think about it, we re-imagine it
  • We do not just walk it, we trailblaize it
  • We do not just hashtag it, we are a part of it
  • We are not just a part of it, we are all of it
  • We do not just seek solutions to the world’s challenges
  • We become the solutions

Top-down governance systems have
failed us.

Traditional education systems have lost relevance. Financial systems no longer serve us. Businesses continue to populate the planet with no appreciation of the interconnectedness of all life. Our identity has become more important than our shared humanity
The time has come for the Empathic Insrgence. –
We are building a Meta-Nation. A borderless collective of people bold enough to stand up and be counted, bold enough to confront the limits of our own empathy, building bridges of understanding between ourselves and the ‘other’, bold enough to resist fear, apathy and cynicism and to believe we can make a difference.